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Papadosio in Louisville

Had the pleasure of seeing Papadosio on Sunday.  The show was at Headliners in Louisville.  The show opened up with Earth Cry, which is the solo project of Papadosio’s Anthony Throgmartin.  Earth Cry is run off a macbook and a midi controller.  Anthony looks to be composing most of the piece on the spot; deciding [...]

mozes cover LA

Mozes & The Firstborn – Atlas Jams Interview

    By Shaun Christie Rare occurrences are usually more synonymous with things like the Sailing Stones or Ball Lightning. To me however, a rare occurrence is when I hit play on an unfamiliar band’s new album and instantly love every track I hear from start to finish. This rare occurrence happened to me the [...]

rca Nashville

Thursday night at Tin Pan. . .Rodney Crowell. . . Jim Lauderdale. . . Kara DiaGuardi. . .

Thursday night the 22nd Annual Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival Presented by Regions Bank continued a streak of packed clubs, incredible talent and delighted audiences. At the sold out, smokin’ Rutledge Live Music Venue early show, Barry Dean, Luke Laird and Natalie Hemby rocked with a three-piece band backing them. According to roving reporter and Regions Bank Senior VP Lisa Harless, Natalie was wearing the best shoes [...]

Earthnight2 Nashville

Papadosio. . . Louisville. . .April 6th. . .

In celebration of their very first show Papadosio is joyously announcing that on April 6, the band is playing a throwback show featuring their first album Magreenery from start to finish. Come celebrate Papadosio’s 8th birthday at Headliners in Louisville. Anthony’s side project EarthCry opens the night. This event will be a family affair to remember! I am going to the [...]

bunny_14020333_616.jpg Music News

Alison Krauss Releases New Video for “End of a Summer Storm”

Nobody can do it like Alison Krauss and nobody can make this video come alive and feel so real. The video for the song “End of a Summer Storm” tells the story of a little  boy and his mother having a day  at the park when a thunder storm forces them to pack up their [...]



the fonz for diamond & rust!

What Would Fonzie Do?

by Diamond Tim In the beginning, Marlon Brando rode his Triumph Thunderbird into the small California town decked out in black leather and near the birth of Rock-n-Roll. Since then motorcycles, black leather & Rock-n-Roll...
by britt


#3 – Jesus, Johnny Depp and Babybird…let’s get this straight

By: Dawn Williams The headlines are screaming with quotes from the Christian Coalition about Johnny Depp burning in hell because of an obscure song on the new album, The Pleasures of Self Destruction, by Stephen “Babyb...
by dawn


If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?

Ya know…I have a whole guitar case full of rock ‘n roll stories & such from my “live fast, die young” era of “back in the day” excess. I’ve partied with the well known & the unk...
by britt



50 Shades of Deep Purple and Red Faced by Diamond Tim

Being a freelance writer is a funny thing…sometimes you hear crickets  when there are none, then a landslide of “gigs” come through! ( You can tell I’m  still a rocker when I use the word gigs for all ...
by dawn


Diamond’s Smorgasbord of Thoughts from a very long week!

OR Super-Bowl-of-Van-Halen-Valentine-Surprises-in-a-Houston-house-of-Grammy-Glens-&-I-am-the-Walrus-Coo-Coo-Ca-Choo-&-Our-everyday-distress-of-life…C’est la vie! My mind is so jumbled with thoughts that if I...
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