July 11, 2013

The World’s Largest Coke Cup Fight At The Monsters


By Diamond Tim Pleshaw

So, it’s hotter than witches spit and you couldn’t drink enough cold brew & cola to keep ya cool…and I mean Fonzie cool too, ’cause you can get loopy & irritable in the relentless Memphis heat of the Liberty Bowl…
It was 25 years ago this month ( just days ago ) that I started the “Worlds Largest Coke Cup Fight” at The Monsters of Rock!!! If there were smart phones & mobile devices back then, it would of been all over You-Tube…I guess there would of had to be a You-Tube as well…

Like I said, it was hot…the stadium was more like a crock pot! Except the ingredients in this sweat soup were Kingdom Come, Dokken, Metallica, the Scorpions & Van Hagar and the people supplied the spice…all 60,000 of us. We were on the front row about 100 yards from the stage…in other words, the otherside of the stadium, lol.

The sun was still cookin’ us like chicken on a stick and my buddy Chris Jordan got up to go to the bathroom. I yelled for him half way down the row to bring me somethin’ to drink but he didn’t hear me as Dokken were rockin’. I reached down and picked up one of those waxy Coke cups, crumpled it up, reared back like Catfish Hunter and threw a fastball for a strike, right upside his cranium! And laughed and laughed! A lot of people got a big chuckle out of it…Chris nodded ok with a shit-eatin’ grin and I knew I would get mine. Of course, he wasted no time and I looked just in the nick to duck! As it flew by, I heard an immediate hit on a big fellow next to me. He then proceeded for the cup ammo laying all around us…crumpled his & let it fly at Chris! Of course, he missed and hit a girl about 5 rows back and 3 seats over…Then the looks on people’s faces near the impact zones looked more like Butch of the Little Rascals & Moe of the Three Stooges when they are about to make their “revenge move”…you know, where the lips tighten, the eyes squint and the head shakes in a “yes” motion…and then it slowly started to happen…it was as if a freak hailstorm had evolved…it was magical and actually spread like a wildfire! Cups a flyin’ EVERYWHERE!!! Like we were in a Coke Cup version of Alfred Hitchcocks, “The Birds”! No one was safe & everyone was being pelted good, REAL good!…I’d say at least 3 quarters of the stadium…my God it was a sight to behold…the only thing better would have been if it were pies instead of cups…but like they say “Enjoy” Coke…we did. ;-)

Ya know, I actually had more stories about that 1 DAY ALONE at the Monsters of Rock from my “run in” with Sweet Connie in the elevator to glueing poker chips & cards to a table in the back of the pick-up truck! We rode back home to Nashville while pretending to play 5 card stud…but I’ll save those for another time.




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