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December 27, 2012

Finding True Talent When You Least Expect It – David Oliver Willis & Olivia Hand


David Oliver Willis was playing and singing “You are My Sunshine” when we walked into the club in the tiny Central Florida town of Mount Dora. Unusual tune for this venue, but then again David is an unusual boy. So unware and unassuming , I really don’t think he knows just how talented he his and what a gift he has been given. As he stumbled through the remainder of that set and then another, he didn’t work from a prepared set list or plan of any kind, yet his fumbling was endearing and the crowd loved him! He humbly performed a few originals, some not even titled as of yet. An original, moving tribute to a friend who recently passed and for the sake of this article we will title “Carry You”, was emotional, heartfelt and moving. Another orignal  tune titled, “All in Good Time” was enjoyed by the patrons and clearly by the singer himself. The singers’ original tune,” 24 Cities” was written while David was too far away from the one he loves.

I first experienced David’s talent by accident through his then fiance now wife, Olivia Hand. I heard Olivia sing at a local event and was completely enthralled by her angelic voice and pure talent. I went home to search the internet for more information on her and came across a youtube video of her and David singing one of their original songs, “I Can Just See Us Now”. David and Olivia generally perform together however tonight Olivia was absent and David had to go it alone. They are young, talented artists that I am convinced have a promising future in the music industry.

David and Olivia are currently working on their first album and expect it to be completed by August 2012. On August 25, 2012 they will be performing at their album release concert at the Bay Street Theatre in Eustis, Florida.

Please enjoy this video of their original song, “I Can Just See Us Now” and keep your eyes on this inspiring, talented couple.



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  1. Arden Lusignan

    Such talent!!!!! So happy for Olivia and David!

  2. Nicole Jackson

    My cousin in law and his wife are truly Blessed. Congrats to you both and I hope to see you guys on T.V. one day!

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