April 21, 2012

Record Store Day 2012: Get Involved!


by Lindsey Borders  

The fifth annual RecordStoreDay unveils tomorrow, April 21, and with it deems over 175 noteworthy releases of original vinyls, LPs, and a few CDs. Included with these releases are also various promotional materials. There are over 700 record stores throughout the country, including performances by artists, and special releases that are unique for this day. To find out what is specifically released and happening in your area, click here for a detailed, PDF version, or a pull-down version, with artwork, here.

 Record Store Day was conceptualized by Chris Brown, with being formed in 2007 by Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Carrie Colliton, Amy Dorfman, Don Van Cleave and Brian Poehner. These people realized a vision of what was needed to keep the scene of funding and supporting local music alive.

 Since I am in the Atlanta area and surrounding, there are a few wonderful local record stores who are participating. For those of you in the Atlanta area, check out the stores participating, and also find out who they’re going to have releases for, including special events, etc.

FantasylandRecords- Atlanta (They are having tons of FREE promo giveaways in the form of CD samplers, tote bags, and much more!)

 CriminalRecords-Atlanta (which was rated by PasteMagazine as one of the 17 Coolest Record Stores in America) They will also have a special performance by Patterson Hood with a few of the members from Drive-By Truckers)

 SweetMelissaRecords- Marietta (They will have limited special releases from dozens of artists, including Patti Smith, Justin Townes Earle, Paul Simon, just to name a few, and will have live music from local artists such as LaurenSt.JaneandTheDeadWesterns and NebraskaJones).

Although there are many more stores in the Atlanta and Marietta area who are participating, these are listings of the stores who have specific descriptions of the events and specials they’re offering.

 Discover more about Record Store Day: Facebook/Twitter



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