April 16, 2012

Paul McCartney directs a hauntingly beautiful, “My Valentine”.


Paul McCartney is an absolute genius, as if we didn’t know. Not only did he write the beautiful song, ”My Valentine”, he also directed the hauntingly beautiful video featuring acting stars Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman. Shot simply in black and white with nothing but the actors expression, or lack thereof, and the beautiful fluidity of ”signing” the words. Stunning, striking and soul stirring.

My Valentine is one of two original compositions on his new standards album Kisses on the Bottom.
Liverpool’s favorite son shot three different versions of the video one with Johnny Depp, one with Natalie Portman and the version we feature here with both actors.




Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper & Manson- What a night!

Last night in Anaheim, California the boys got down! In a spectacular event held at the Servite Theatre, Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson performed at an event put together by Mike Campbell (best known...
by dawn


The Lone Ranger: Wanted Album…simply AMAZING!

The Lone Ranger: Wanted album, is out and includes The White Buffalo song “The American Dream”. Get it now on iTunes Preview the full album below. Produced by director, Gore Verbinski...
by dawn


Help Save Music’s Best Friend!

                      What would we do without dogs? They are the ultimate companion, they don’t lie to you or talk bad about you, they protect you and if you need to...
by britt



Johnny Depp gets a thumbs up from music critic Bob Lefsetz

Bob apparently attended the AeroSmith concert this past August 6 at the Hollywood Bowl and was impressed with Johnny’s guitar prowess. Notoriously grumpy and hard to please,  Lefsetz does not hand out too many compliment...
by britt


Aerosmith , Johnny Depp Concert Encore – There’s a train comin’!

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Allison Photography At last nights Aerosmith concert at The Hollywood Bowl in LA…special surprise guest, Johnny Depp on the encore…
by dawn



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