April 1, 2012

Like The White Buffalo? Watch Californication on Showtime tonight…

jake WB

Make sure to tune in to tonight’s season finale of Californication on Showtime to catch music by The White Buffalo. This rising folk-rock ,uber talented, singer songwriter Jake Smith, aka The White Buffalo, offers up a traditional but fresh folk sound without all the cliches. Tonight, Californication finale will feature the song “Damned” from their  HogTied album. If you get a chance I’d also check out their new album Once Upon A Time in the West. Here’s the video for “Wish it Were True” from the album. Enjoy.

For more information go to and Unison Music Group.


Photo by Andrew Leo

Interview with The Tricks; chats about musical influences, their best and dream line-up gig, & more

by Contributing Writer Lindsey Borders The Tricks are a self-described rock, indie and power-pop band comprised of Joel Hodge, Ashley Hodge, John Bisset, and Eliot Crabtree. The band is a rising success with enigmatic and eclec...
by dawn


The Lone Ranger: Wanted Album…simply AMAZING!

The Lone Ranger: Wanted album, is out and includes The White Buffalo song “The American Dream”. Get it now on iTunes Preview the full album below. Produced by director, Gore Verbinski...
by dawn


Gimme Shelter to be published – SPAY, NEUTER, MICROCHIP!

We are anxiously awaiting the release of “Gimme Shelter” a  poignant photographic journey featuring the work of the talented photgrapher Suzanne Allison. The book will feature beautiful, touching photos of celebrit...
by dawn



The White Buffalo’s “Whistler” is whizzing up the iTunes Alternative Chart after SOA debut

The White Buffalo’s song, “The Whistler”, debuted last night on Sons of Anarchy. If you missed it, then you missed out…but you have a second chance! “The Whistler” can be purchased here: iTun...
by dawn


Babybird releases trailer for soon to be released DVD from Unison Music

Official trailer for the soon to be released “The End Is Here,” the final live performance by England’s eclectic Babybird. Recorded on 11 February 2012 at the Leicester Square Theater in London. This captivati...
by dawn



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