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April 26, 2012

If you missed Sheryl last night. . . catch her tonight! 3rd & Lindsley. . .


Sheryl Crow. . . neighbor. . . coffee lover. . . heartthrob. . . singer. . . songwriter will be playing tonight at 3rd & Lindsley. This venue is intimate and always has great music.

Sheryl lives south of Nashville, just a stone’s throw from Spunky. . . She’s out and about. . . drinking coffee. . . hitting the farmer markets. . . loving the life here in Mid-Tennessee. . . enjoying a break from playing he stadium crowds. . .

For some reason, she’s playing 3rd & Lindsley. . . my guess she’s testing out some new tunes. . . whatever it might be, seeing Sheryl in such a small setting is awesome. . . you get to see how good she really is. . .

Get to 3rd & Lindsley early and you’ll also see Chris Stapleton. . . good show, good music, good times. . .

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Tin Pan South. . .March 24th-28th. . . Get your passes now!

The 23rd Annual TinPan South Songwriters Festival is being held March 24th-28th. This is the premiere event that presents hit songwriters from all genres of music performing at a variety of intimate Nashville venues. It’...
by Spunky


Kid Rock’s In Town

I ran into the Kid yesterday. We talked a little about Nashville being his second home. . . Should we?. . . hit a strip club or two. . . ride through a trailer park looking for ‘redneck women’. . . throw down a few ...
by Spunky


Eastman Guitars and Daniel Donato

I went over to see Eastman’s new line of superb acoustic guitars and ran into the handsome, ever polite, humble Nashville guitarist Daniel Donato. Daniel was trying out some of Eastman’s instruments and as usual was...
by Spunky



The Brits are coming! They’re here and make awesome guitars!

I stopped by to see these beautiful instruments made by ‘Faith Guitars’ and was truly impressed by the craftsmanship and quality. They’ve been known in the UK for years as master builders and have recently bee...
by Spunky

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Seen at Summer NAMM! Guitar Grip!

If you’re tired of having your guitars laying around the floor. . . or hung on a chicny old wooden guitar hangar then check out Guitar Grip. As I was walking the Summer NAMM floor, I couldn’t help but notice the two...
by Spunky


One Comment

  1. Joe

    I was at the Sheryl Crow show last night- Terrible venue to see her. We were some of the first in line 445- doors open at 600 some of the very first thru the door. All floors tables taken- another reserve balcony- We got a high bar table round bar stools with all uneven legs, table was uneven as well. From the time we ordered the terrible food it was an hour later to be delivered. Salad, french fries, 15 to 20 mins between drinks. Understaffed horrible situation The PA was awful, completed Garbled! The first band was good but again PA mix sucked. Cheryl takes the stage at 9 or so- now every tall guy in the place stand by the bar in the isle so we can’t see a thing.
    3rd song PA crashes- 7th song we leave along with Tony Brown- over booked-under staffed- No seats- terrible food- 3rd and Lindsley sucks! Never again- DON”T go there they have no clue what they are doing- Shame on the owners for not planning out a better night for the Great Sheryl Crow!

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