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April 16, 2012

Do you like raunchy. . . alternative. . . hard driving . . . rock?


Of course you do. . . You might hide behind cowboy hats and boots. . . but you have a musical dark side that wants to come out. . .

I found this band by accident . . . they haven’t even had a gig yet . . . but when they’re ready it will be explosive.

Four guys, the kind of guys you don’t want your daughter to hang around with. . . they kind she won’t bring home for you to meet. . .

I went to one of their practices and frankly couldn’t believe how strong this band is. . . hard driving guitars. . . a deep soulful bass groove. . . and drums that tear down walls. . .raspy, dusty vocals. . .

What band do they sound like? RHCP mixed with Rage Against the Machine, a little Cream & a Winehouse/Morrison/Hendrix vibe. . . really though I think they’re original. . .

I like the name ‘Kangaroo Fetus’. . .What’s it mean? I don’t have a clue. . .

Ciao Y’all,


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Kid Rock’s In Town

I ran into the Kid yesterday. We talked a little about Nashville being his second home. . . Should we?. . . hit a strip club or two. . . ride through a trailer park looking for ‘redneck women’. . . throw down a few ...
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Eastman Guitars and Daniel Donato

I went over to see Eastman’s new line of superb acoustic guitars and ran into the handsome, ever polite, humble Nashville guitarist Daniel Donato. Daniel was trying out some of Eastman’s instruments and as usual was...
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The Brits are coming! They’re here and make awesome guitars!

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photo (1)

Seen at Summer NAMM! Guitar Grip!

If you’re tired of having your guitars laying around the floor. . . or hung on a chicny old wooden guitar hangar then check out Guitar Grip. As I was walking the Summer NAMM floor, I couldn’t help but notice the two...
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Vince Gill Hosts "Insight: Iconic Artists And The Gear That Inspires Them" To Kick Off Summer NAMM, July 17-19 In Nashville

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