April 20, 2012

All Girl Group, LAZYgunsBRISKY, Release 5th Self-Titled Album


by Lindsey Borders

LAZYgunsBRISKYan all-girl hard rock quartet from Tokyo, Japan. Members are Lucy on vocals, izumi on guitar, azu on bass and vocals, and Moe playing the drums. Their influences range from 60s-80s rock, with their music possessing emphasis of punk and pop. They have been compared to a more modern version of  GunsNRoses and Aerosmith incorporate their own synthesis of musical aesthetics.

Their newest release is their self-titled LAZYgunsBRISKY which is their fifth release, full of rebel yell that one would expect from an all-girl quartet. This is their second via the  Records label and becomes available for download on April 24th.

The reviews for the album have been stellar, ranging with statements of “They exposed their attitude to the public, that means they had to nothing to hide, they probably got scars from it. They chose the way to move forward with their feet. All was for their own Rock N’ Roll. This is the real deal with their band as an album title”.

The album includes 11 original songs, listed in catalog order:

01 A-Cha

02 B.O.Y

03 Re-Live

04 Song For Me


06 Q

07 18

08 Here We Go

09 Freak

10 Beat You Out

11 It’s Gonna Be Alright

LAZYgunsBRISKY have also contributed two songs for the I Love J Rock 2 compilation, and all 8 songs from the record can be streamed via

Track listing is listed below:

1. Shonen Knife “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School”

from the album “Osaka Ramones”


2. MOLICE “Please, Please, Pris”

from the album “Neugravity”


3. LAZYgunsBRISKY “B.O.Y.”

from the album “LAZYgunsBRISKY”


4. TsuShiMaMiRe “Hungry and Empty”

from the album “Shocking”


5. tricot “Baku Retsu Panie San”

from the EP “Bakuretsu tricot-san”


6. MOLICE “Headphone”

from the 2009 album “Doctor Ray”


7. LAZYgunsBRISKY “Beat You Out”

from the album “LAZYgunsBRISKY”


8. TsuShiMaMiRe “Grapefruit Girl”

from the album “Giving More Blood”

While reviews have been positive for them, and their fanbase stable and growing, LAZYgunsBRISKY, have collectively decided to disband, to pursue each individuals’ own musical aspirations, and their self-titled release is their last.

Stream sample of the tracks for their self-titled release HERE



Here’s the video B.O.Y.

Find them on:





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