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November 19, 2011

Crosby & Nash . . . Blue Castle Records . . . Superb DVD . . .

Crosby Nash

It had to happen . . . David Crosby and Graham Nash started their own record company ‘Blue Castle Records.’ The label started earlier this year but on October 11th released an HD DVD titled ‘Crosby-Nash: In Concert.’ It was taped at the Palace in Stanford, CT.

When I saw the DVD, tears came out of nowhere, maybe it was memories from my youth . . . but the classics played included “Guinevere,” “Marrakesh Express,” “Deja vu,” “Wooden Ships,” “Our House,” “They Want It All,” “Just A Song Before I Go,” “Almost Cut My Hair,” and  something entirely new . . . “Don’t Dig Here.”

“Don’t Dig Here” is a tune, almost anthem like warning against nuclear proliferation. You can get this song for free . . . gratis . . . that’s right ‘nada’ at their website

I’m glad that Crosby & Nash have never backed away from their beliefs, they’re music helped change the direction of the USA . . . non-violent revolutionary’s. . .

Personally, my opinion only . . . I miss music like CSN&Y and other artists whose songs offered hope in difficult times and motivated people to take positive steps. . .

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Wade Hayes is releasing a new album. . . first one in five years!!!

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Fast Access Passes on sale NOW!!!!

Get these passes now! The best way to beat the crowds and get the best seats in the house is with FAST ACCESS PASSES. This event, the 23rd Annual Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival Presented by Regions Bank is one of the most ...
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Tin Pan South. . .March 24th-28th. . . Get your passes now!

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Kid Rock’s In Town

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