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October 13, 2011

Austin Tonight: OMD, OAR


O.M.D. = Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark. O.A.R. = Of a Revolution.

British synth-pop vets O.M.D. are back in the swing after an extended hiatus (1996-2006). You might recall, O.M.D. experienced massive international chart success in the mid-80’s with “If You Leave” from the Pretty in Pink Soundtrack, followed by “Forever Live & Die,” which also did quite well. Since then they’ve maintained a healthy cult following of devoted fans, and despite numerous personnel changes the band still released 3 collections of new material in the early and mid-’90’s before calling it quits.

A 2007 reunion tour proved successful enough to prompt another in 2008 and one more in 2009. Last year, the first disc of new songs materialized, History of Modern, which brings the rejuvenated O.M.D. to La Zona Roza tonight. Doors are at 8 p.m. and tickets, available here, are $22. 2x Aria Award winner and recent Universal Records acquisition Washington (a one-woman affair) will open.

With the exception of the three-letter anagram and the fact that both acts plays Austin tonight, O.A.R. and O.M.D. couldn’t have less in common. O.A.R., a collegiate favorite with jamband overtones that hails from Rockland, Maryland. Perhaps O.A.R.’s greatest claim to fame is its use of the internet as a marketing tool before it was considered essential; excitement about the band first spread organically by word of mouth in the mid ’90’s, and the internet helped continue that buzz into the new millennium, eventually resulting in a major label contract and some considerable radio airplay in recent years.

O.A.R. plays outdoors at Stubb’s tonight in support of its new CD, King. Tickets are $23-$25 and are available here; doors open at 7 p.m.



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