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September 21, 2011

Dum Dum Girls Announce Free In-Store at Amoeba Records


After the turmoil that was the attempted Sunset Junction Festival a lot of bands had to scrape to find a venue or give up on playing the show at all. One of the bands many were excited to see in the line-up was the Dum Dum Girls. They didnt manage to reschedule a show that weekend but fear ye not as they have just announced a free in-store perfromance at LA’s world famous Amoeba Records.


Amoeba Records has hosted some of the most bad ass in-stores in any record store the world over. They have even had Sir Paul McCartney grace their little stage! So September 27th at 7pm the Dum Dum Girls will take to the stage and perform some songs from their upcoming release ‘Only In Dreams‘. And if you fancy yourself a double dose they will also be playing at the Troubadour later that evening (but you gotta buy tickets!)


Click to hear a new track from the Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down By The Dum Dum Girls



Paul McCartney directs a hauntingly beautiful, “My Valentine”.

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